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YES!! Finally!! me/jumps in the drivers seat and rubbing hands together looks around (hmmmmm...jackpot!) me/finds a.......PA SYSTEM (Wooohooo <weg> heh heh you guys are in for it now)

OKAAAY LADIES!! (oops) me/ reaches for the volume and turns it down to a moderate level

Okay, first-thanks to Jenn for turning me over half way here...or I'd be burnt to a gets HOT up there
Second-make sure your seat belt are fastened. I have a lead foot. <weg>
Third-I like my music LOUD!! So if earplugs are required please put them in now....

/me reaches for the radio volume and cranks "Cherry Pie", then shifts into drive and floors it, throwing everyone back in their seats...

Just remember.....i warned everyone!!!
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