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Is this normal?

My boyfriend is home seldom due to work. Usually he works 5 weeks on 1 week off. The day he gets home we normally have sex. When I want to have sex again I'm often refused. It's only when he wants to. Which is usually once or twice in that week time frame. When we do have sex it lacks the intimacy that was once there. He says it is because he is getting older and can't perform like he once did(he is 40) He climax's really fast, before I do. He used to not have a problem with that, and we had sex frequently. And he does nothing to help me climax. It's like I got what I wanted, I'm done. I've tried talking to him about this and all he says is that our relationship isn't based on sex. I know it isn't but I still have needs. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Is it normal?
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