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I have feelings for someone other than my husband.

My husband and I have been having problems for about 3 years, for various reasons. I have known him for 15 years, and married 12 years, we have a five year old daughter. In the last 3 years, I noticed that I started to fantasize about someone that I really liked briefly, but then I forgot about him. I thought I was crushing because my relationship with my husband was dry. I thought it was to pass. Last year, when I was on a training program abroad, I met a very interesting person. Right off the bat, It was not like from the first sight, but I quickly decided, upon finishing the training, that in my fantasies, it would be someone I would have an affair with. This is just my private thinking. I am actually very religious and an affair would I think nearly kill me. lol. I just like to let go of my feeling inside my head to see where they land, and that is where they landed. Long story short, I happened to work with this guy longdistance over some project, we got to email each other over work everyday for a couple of months. Now I am going to vacation in the same area he lives where I know some friends, and I am bound to see him. I am very nervous. I think "think" he likes me, he has been slightly flirtatious the first time we met. He asked me if women in my country were allowed to show cleavage. You get the hint, I guess. It's so funny. Anyways. We met again in my home country for work, and he made me laugh so hard my cheek bones hurt. He has mesmerizing colored eyes. I noticed he can be a bit short tempered at times, which is something I don't like, but then again I related to him very well. I cannot claim he is perfect. He is not. But he has ... so many qualities lacking in my husband, least of which being light spirited and his excellent ability to communicate with a woman, although still hard for him like any other man, but at least he TRIES, my husband doesn't. I am feeling very very disconnected from my husband now, and I talked to him yesterday about the disconnect. He is just pathetically lazy romantically speaking, and prefers to spend all his time on the computer doing intellectual stuff.
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