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I need some opinions!

This is really awkward for me and I have no idea where to begin. So here goes...
A few days ago my boyfriend and I were just spending time together and I took a picture with his phone. I went to check how the picture turned out when I noticed the picture next to it was of a girl I didn't recognize. So curious, I click on the picture and it turns out to be a video...
The video happens to be of a porn site where people can webcam with each other. So this recording is just of some girl and she's staring into her webcam and watching and other stuff. But what intrigues me is that somewhat cut out of view is the title, "you" which is referring to his cam but it's out of view and I can't see who's in it.
So I'm bothered and I ask him what it is. He quiets... then he says, "oh that must have been downloaded." So I'm staring and I just can't remember that last time we've done something like that because he knows I don't like it. So I ask bluntly, "is this of you alone?" and he says, "no." And I sit there staring at him and he says, "well I recorded it while you were going down on me."
So what's bothering me is that he changed his story. He had a moment where he paused and had a difficult time telling me what it was. I can't remember him ever recording with his phone. I feel awful. He tried so hard after that to makes things better which made me feel worse because it felt like he was trying to apologize for something... I feel cheated on and honestly it's as close as it comes to being physically being cheated on. I want to talk to him about it again but I don't want to come across as insecure. I'm so lost.
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