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You girls are RIGHT, STRONG, AND WORTHY. You're all headed in the right direction. AND as one of you ladies said, just because you're reduced to tears, doesnt mean you lost the argument. Whereas women tend to show their defeat or weakness all over their face, men just can't. Instead they lash out. So... often when you get a strong or overbearing reaction out of a man on these topics, it's because you HAVE proved your point already. lol It's funny how they work that way. Alot of women are intimidated by the overconfidence and condecendence of men towards women, but the truth is, they're so easy to read that way. So you girls keep putting your foot down and the bottom line is.....if something bothers you, you have the right to state your opinion on it. Period. How many assholes have you heard put their two cents in that didnt even know what the hell they were talking about? So why in the HELL cant you just because it's a "touchy subject".
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