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Wow, I can't believe nobody has posted on this yet. That is a tough one, girl. Well, my name's Danielle. Im 27. First of all, in my opinion, before you address this with him again, you need to decide what IS ok with you, and what IS NOT. After you've done that, you address the things that are NOT ok. Call him aside and tell him you've been putting it off, but it needs to be talked about or its gonna stew and cause resentment. And that's a fact. it will. Tell him you feel that way, cheated on. Cause honestly, i would. And let him know that the simple fact is that when you settle down with someone, your agreeing to be done "fishing". And you want a calmer lifestyle. If that is NOT what he truly wants, then hes in the wrong relationship. Men have to have it put simply and to the point. And the more organized your argument is, the less insecure you appear. Because your clear, you know what you want, and what is "not ok with you". And just tell him, if he doesnt want this lifestyle, that's ok. But he has to decide. Because its not fair to you to be inbetween. I really hope this helps your situation. And i have tons more on this subject if you're still lost. This site will email me if you post back on this. So feel free to let me know if you need to discuss this more. I just feel so bad for you honey. I hope i can help. ~ D.
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