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Im surprised to see so many people believing in god. I understand and respect them of course if it help them. But me, I dont, for me the bible stories are unbilievables... and I guess its just a question of education and country since the young age. Personaly , the philosphy help me better, to find answers without tell me how I have to live and make me feel guilty for something I never did. I hope I ll not make myself ennemies after this post but I wanted just tell my vision about it. I think I can find a rational explanation for almost all precept of religion. And the one I have difficulties to accept, because it make women suffer so much in the world... Is the story of Adam and Eve who bite the apple of the tree of knowledge.. and of course because she didnt want stay ignorant and wanted the truth, she s responsable of all the bad things in the world and must pay it all her life by suffering. And by this story, man find normal to treat women badly and women to accept it... just because God wanted it... Oh well, Im sure women here are not like this and I hope they are strong and take only the best of it.
Another thing, about the forgivness... being abused when I was 5 by a "..." I think this notion is a joke, how can people can forgive this kind of things, its easy to say this I think and mean you can do all the horror it is allowed... No some stuff are not, and thoses monsters doesnt deserve it. Maybe the only solution is try forgot. Oh I stop here, I hope I disrespected no one, it was not my attention.
Anyway we have more in common and firstly being happy and respected, so Cheer the Girl Power !!
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