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Personally I dont want or need Husband training. I had a good husband at one time. We were partners in everything. He is the one who messed it all up. He just mentioned to me last night, how those other women used him for him money, how another knows he is kind hearted, how another one keeps taunting him. I just asked him was it worth it? Cause now he doesnt realize the extent he has hurt me. I dont have a reason to trust, believe, or want him around in my life. He will soon go to prison for his stupidity. Not mine. In that time frame, I am going to move on. By the way, I had a partner not a husband. Major difference in that wording and what each mean. Partner is one who working with you together, help with decisions as well as the work, where one is lacking the other fills up. Versus a husband doesnt necessarily do all of that at all. So that is an FYI.
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