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Enlighten me

In the past 3.5 years we've added 5 trillion to the deficit. The US Senate has not passed a budget in over three years. The president's proposed spending plans received not a single Democrat's vote of approval. Unemployment has exceeded 8% for over 40 months straight (and of course is much higher, that is, some have just given up looking for work). Left untouched entitlement spending will add between 7 and 9 trillion to the debt in the next 4 years. (Keep in mind that no politician, even Paul Ryan, has proposed even holding spending level one year to the next. His "cuts" are simply reductions in the rates of spending growth.

And yet has the Obama campaign offered any new ideas as to how to remedy these issues? I mean don't we deserve a real debate rather than just a negative campaign? It is a cliche, but where is the beef?
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