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While Bill Clinton was in office the budget was balanced true enough. But this occured only after the Democrats lost control of both the House and Senate in the mid-term elections. With the Republicans controlling the purse strings (congressional powers), yes the budget was balanced. Remember a President can propose a budget but it first must be passed by both houses for it to be enacted. And yes, President Clinton took credit for the balanced budget - and in his speech he declared the era of "big government" to be over. I won't defend President Bush (he spent way to much, the most in his last two years when the Democrats once again had control of congress). But my non-defense dosn't change the facts. In 2009 and 2010 the Democrats had control of congress (a super majority in the Senate) and the presidency. They enacted everything they wanted, even Obamacare and a near trillion dollar stimulus. Four years later we have trillion dollar deficits every year and an unemployment rate that the president said would never happen. So...what are the plans for the next four years? I hear and see nagative ads but no plan being offered. Romney just announced his "energy" initiative and Ryan the plan for entitlement reform. So far nothing from the Democrat campaign. Obama said "I won" and the Republicans coud come along for the ride but must "sit in the back seat". But does Obama still have the steering wheel and a map? This year I just can't understand voting for a party with no plan.
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