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No, I think the two party system makes sense but only if we continue with our historical free enterprise economy. That is, one party better represents the worker and the other the business investors. The pendulum of power must find a balance between these two groups that is both fair to the worker while maintaining profitability. (Of course many people fit into both groups as workers and stock holders in their businesses.) Both parties have "platforms" that cheracterize most, although not all, shared concerns and values. I kind of understand your disgust with the parties. But to get something done productively even individuals would need to form coalitions with common goals. And with multiple to many coalitions, it would become more difficult to reach a single consensus. Hence more chaos. I think the real problem today is that one party no longer sees free enterprise as the basis for our economy and leans now to socialism. And since you really can't operate the two together (free enterprise and socialism) there no longer exists a basis for compromise. Hopefully this election with help reconcile which economy we will have in the future. Me, I'm for free enterprise.
PS. Jennifer why is it there is so little use made of this very excellent website?
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