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I think it's only fair that since you had the courage to come out of the closet I can do the same. LOL

I'm sorry, Priscilla, but I happen to disagree with you. Romney's “plan” is nothing more than an outline and a poor one at that. He put forth things that he'd like to see done that he wants people in his pocket for but he hasn't said were all this money is coming from or what government funded programs he's going to eliminate or anything of that nature. Oh sure, he's named some big ones that he'd like to reform, but reform doesn't mean less money. It has to be cut somewhere and so far I don't see where he's legitimately listed an effective way to put his “plan” into action. There is absolutely no physical way that he can possibly lower taxes and cut back on the amounts of tax credits and cuts for the middle class and then, in turn, not raise taxes for the upper class as well. It's impossible. You can't make the numbers work. You cannot possibly lower taxes for everybody, not raise taxes for anybody, and still have the income the government needs to survive to move forward. It's theoretically impossible.

But let's talk about what Romney wants to eliminate: health care at the government level, public television that helps millions of kids before a preschool age, reinstatement of “don't ask, don't tell”, any possibility of marriage equality, women's right to choose (next thing you know it'll be the right to vote). I don't know about you, but I don't want to go back. The feminist movement is not over by any means and I think that particular point would set us back…decades.

Look, I totally understand your concern for the lack of growth in your portfolio. But I think and I'm sure you know as well, there's so much more to consider than just that.

And as far as the Green initiative tax incentives and investments…I agree, I think Obama got a little overzealous with how much he put towards that initiative. But personally, I would prefer to see clean air and wind energy as opposed to coal, which Romney is suggesting.

I'm not throwing stones by any means, but I do happen to disagree with you. Romney is definitely not the candidate for me.
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