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Thoughtful comments Synful. But you haven't convinced me. Theoretically impossible!
True a balanced budget is daunting and probably cannot be accomplished in the short term. Hey even after a 4-year Romney term (his plan) we will owe more than we do today. So far everyone, even Romney, is only talking about reductions in planned spending increases. But the growth of government must be slowed and Obama offers no plan to do it. Are you saying no plan is better than any incremental correction to these spending increases? Per Obama's own budget (budget plans that got not a single Democrat vote) we will add more than a trillion each and every year into the future. Currently we borrow forty cents of every dollar spent. Are you saying we should continue to fund Sesame Street with dollars borrowed from China? Time for big bird to leave the nest and stand on his own feet. LOL. (America is a giving country, I’m sure he’ll survive.)

Government health care, no thanks. With Obamacare we’re forced to buy a product and fined if we do not. Its goal is to cover 10 million more people without adding a single new doctor. It does fund however 16,000 new IRS collection agents. The law was helped written by a chairman who admitted she didn’t understand it and passed by a congress that didn’t read it. To boot congress exempted itself from it. The law was signed by a President who smokes and funded by a Treasury chief that didn’t pay his taxes. We are taxed 4 years before we receive any benefits and by a government that has already bankrupted both Social Security and Medicare. Financed by a broke country. Please reconsider your desire. Don’t be afraid of freedom of choice. The Ryan plan that allows people vouchers to shop for insurance is, I think, a better option. Competition is the only thing I know of that increases quality while reducing cost.

Wind energy? The chemical bonds in a single gallon of gasoline can propel a car weighing thousands of pounds, cruising at 2800-rpm for 30-miles or more while providing heat or air-conditioning. Wind energy is a pipe dream.

Thanks for playing Synful. All the best.
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