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Jennifer and Synful, I really mean no offense. I just love to debate (HS debate team LOL) And Jennifer, I totally agree that it is difficult to trust any politician, egads! And Synful, I know the Republican Party isn't offering a panacea. But we can't keep borrowing at the rates we are now, it isn't sustainable and will do harm to us today and future generations. So I have become a single issue voter. Put everything else on the back burner until the budget problem is on a correction pathway. Obama promised to reduce the deficit by half and yet has added more debt than nearly all previous presidents combined. He also said he would reduce the partisan divide and yet passed the biggest health care bill in history without a single vote of approval from the opposition party, a historic first. So I have a trust issue as well.

Romney isn't the total answer and that is a fact. It will take multiple elections. But I feel certain the free enterprise market driven private sector and competition (Ryans ideas especially - he's my favorite) are a better action plan than the top-down, one size fits all, government driven directive approach.

I've read that if we took the entire assests of the so called "rich", the Federal Government would only be able to operate for about three months. We are now spending about $3.7 trillion a year. Tax the rich also "doesn't add up". Bill Gates, I believe, is a liberal and a philantropist. Yet I don't begrudge his a nickel of his wealth. It was his initiative and innovative software ideas that now helps employ thousands of people. Yep, free market for me.

I mean who gets hurt more in a slow economy with a lack of jobs and rising fuel costs?

(We may never be in agreement and we may end up voting differently but let's keep talking OK?)
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