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I am inlove with this guy I use to study with.He is married and I am I have 3 kids and I am so unhappy with my marriage I have not been sexually invloved with anyone but told my husband that I had feelings for N.
i sexual fantasies about him and always think of how he would treat me .Its like I have this imaginary relationship with this man .I have feelings for him but its all in my head I am damaged goods been damaged too bad ,But I will just keep on dreaming.I try to hide the feeling but everytime say every2 or 3 years it pops up and the more I supress it the more it grows.I dont love my husband anymore just together for the kid he verbally abuses me Always acusing me of F around and telling me how he is the best thing that happen to me other will on use me for sex,but strangly I wont mind if Mr N uses me .I call him to chat sometimes and feel like teenager fall over my words and shake when I hear his voice .Ahh yahh !!!
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