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Jennifer and Synful, I really appreciate your comments. And I want to continue to count you both as friends. (Jennifer please don't say you "know" we will be voting for different people. Keep watching the debates! Free enterprise and business is what will drive the economy, the Bill Gates model. Hey a rich person can only eat so much. And even if he buys a yacht, well workers have to first build the ship. We need as many Bill Gates' as we can get! And Synful, freedom of choice is scary really. Government health care control may sound good but people's needs change. A voucher system where we can select options from the private sector, to me, will encourage competion, increasing quality and lowering cost. At least this in my opinion offers more potential than a one size fits all government program. Synful yes, keep arguing with me. (SORRY, I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF - SOMEONE GET MY HUSBAND QUICK HE CAN SHUT ME UP!!!!!)

Anyway, please keep talking to me. I'm always willing to listen, I think. If you are well, than I am well. Priscilla
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