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Who was it that said altruism is a dirty word?

Who is proposing a cut in health care or education spending?

No one is. I offer the same answer to both questions.

Regarding the second question, I do wish someone would propose that at the least the US government maintain the same budget for two consecutive years. As anyone with credit card experience will learn, you cannot eliminate debt by borrowing more each year. You will go bankrupt. And who gets hurt more, you the borrower or the lender. Similarly, if the US government were to default or elects to print money out of thin air, who is that will experience the most harms, the rich or the poor?

I have a question myself? Aside from competition (free enterprise) what is it that can both reduce cost and yet improve quality? The electronics industry is an example. Amazing improvements at lower costs. And you can choose what software you want and need!

Apply these same free enterprise principles to health care. Your choice, one size fits all government insurance or choice. It may be scary to some, this freedom of choice. But me, I’m all for it.

PS. Food for thought. Bad private sector business plans fail and then quickly go out of business. I can supply examples. Bad government programs virtually never are eliminated. And this results in waste and inefficiency. Once again who is harmed more by such waste, the rich or the poor?

PPS. Liked the soapbox. Oh and welcome back.
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