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Well if there's going to be no cut in spending on either health or education, then let me put this question to you…who benefits with the plans that Romney's suggesting? Again it would have to be the middle upper class and the upper class who benefit, because those are the only classes who can afford to reap the benefits from a voucher system. Because let me tell you, Jane Doe, who lives down the street and is a single mother working a full-time and a part-time job and has three or four kids is in no way going to be able to afford the extra costs that she'll incur on the voucher system. And this is where that 47% comes in because almost half of Americans are in that same situation.

The earlier you all mentioned Bill Gates. I have absolutely nothing against Bill Gates or 120,000 families who are just like them in a high tax bracket. However, I don't think that should entitle them to pay any less of a percentage, than someone who makes less than 50,000 year, on their taxes. Are you honestly going to tell me that just because someone who makes millions of dollars every year has to pay the same amount in taxes than I do means that they'll spend less money. I find that highly unlikely. I can't conceivably believe that because they spend more money on one item than the middle-class spends on many that that produces more jobs. And even if it does I still don't find it fair that they should get tax break for that.

And the school voucher system?... Frankly, it's a joke. It only benefits those in big cities with multiple schools to choose from. If you start to grade schools like Romney wants to do, of course, everyone's going to want to send their kids the best school. Who wouldn't? But then what happens to the schools that are graded lower. Obviously they become worse because now they don't have the government funding that they did before because the student numbers of lower. And let's not forget that those schools who are graded well… are at the top, they only have so much room for students. So you tell me then, who decides who gets accepted to that school and who gets left out. I'll tell you who gets left out, the children who may not have the best grades and the children who come from low-income families. Because regardless of the voucher system. Those schools are still going to want parents who support the school…who have the money to support the school system and they aren't going to want to see their accumulative test scores go down because that will affect the grade of their school and how much money they have coming in. So it’s the same children, the low income family children, stuck with second rate education.

On another subject… How am I supposed to trust a man who during his election campaign changes his stance or uses generalizations instead of pinpointing exactly where he does stand just because the campaign is more winnable that way.

I agree, we need a balanced budget that the government should be forced to stick to with certain exceptions. And yes, I even agree that the only way to do that is to raise taxes for everyone and cut out programs like Medicaid and Medicare or at least drastically reform them. But I do not think the time to do that is when the economy is so low and when people rely heavily on those entitlements. I think first we need to get the economy rolling again and then talk about cutbacks on the big issues like Medicaid and Medicare.
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