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No stones. While I don't agree with you the fact that you're voting the way you feel is right for you. Yes a lot of people got hurt with the stock market, that problem started before the Pres took office. We knew back then that it would be a long road to recovery. We are on that road. What we don't need is to take steps backwards & I feel very strongly that with Romney that is exactly what we would do.
Personally I don't believe in abortion, however it is not up to me to judge those who do, or to judge their reason. ( rape, abuse, etc ) . On taxes if you are rich you get a major tax break while middle class (me & lots of others ) get to pay a deeper share of taxes. Think of the retirement age being raised to 71/72 that will hurt a lot of people who are not in the best of health to work to that age.
Anyone who thinks SS is a gift has it wrong, those of us that recieve it worked for it. If they take that & put into the stock market & the market takes another dive. ... they lose their only means of support. I'm voting democrat. God bless one & all.
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