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I just found this folder, and decided to confess and contribute. About a year ago I bought one of those mail-order Weight Watcher kits for $100. I took it out of the box, thought, "how cool," and put it back in the box, where it remains. The real reminder that it had been a year was when some patronizing WW telemarketer called this week to try and arm-twist me into renewing my subscription to their magazine. I told him I found it degrading to receive the magazine without a proper anonymous brown paper wrapper, like Playgirl or Playbody would use. I told him I found it humiliating to fish a WW mag out of my mailbox in front of all my neighbors, as we all have our mailboxes grouped together. To tell the truth, I never read a single WW mag anyway - just not my way of dealing with the weight issue. I abhor self-help groups (even after enjoying Fight Club immensely!).<p>
Part of this year, I was on the stressed and smoking cigarettes diet, which, though deadly, works. Then there was the "can't eat because I had my two front teeth pulled" diet. That one worked, too, but I can't recommend it! <p>
In general, I try to eat lower fat foods, healthier fats like the cholesterol-negating butter substitutes such as Benecol and Smart Balance, and choose the lowfat or non-fat alternatives whenever possible.<p>
Another thing - I got a good old-fashioned scare when my mom was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic about 6 months ago. Since I worked out with a trainer for a couple of years, I pretty much understand the physiology of what I *should* be doing, I just am not great about doing it! I don't exercise nearly enough - my condo is much too small for a Nordic Track, treadmill, etc., and outdoors it always seems too hot or too cold to walk. Yup, a cop-out! I got a Tai Chi tape, and am trying to do it often enough to benefit from it.<p>
Somehow, I've lost almost 20 lbs. in the last year (it fluctuates wildly) - probably mostly from the cigs - but hold your applause - I have *at least* 100 more lbs. to go. I do feel *some* better, though my Lands End 2X pants droop comically a bit now. LOL! I am trying to add fruits to my diet, and wish I knew a good hypnotist who could help convince me that veggies are food. Salads and greens make me feel like a cow grazing in the yard, plus they give me a belly ache, as do most veggies. Potatoes, however, are my friend! I try to bake, grill, or boil food, not fry, as much as possible these days. I definitely fall right off the wagon when I have stomach problems - then, comfort food is all that won't wreck my gut. I call that my "beige diet."<p>
I *must* exercise more, and am increasingly replacing soda pop with water. I've found it helpful (though not cheap) to buy .5 liter or 24 oz. bottles of water so it *feels* like I'm drinking a Coke or Sprite.<p>
I take a snack size banana applesauce and a .5 liter water to work every day for breakfast, with soda crackers when my gut is bad. I think it's the most workable breakfast I've tried yet. I dine out for lunch because I live so far from work, and generally eat something fairly healthy. I even eat fairly healthy home-cooked dinners most of the time, when I'm not making frozen pizza or some fat-drenched back-home hillbilly treat. <g> Exercise and more water would help me a LOT.<p>
Ok, I feel like I've been to confessional, and I'm not even Catholic! LOL! Hang in there everyone, and I'll try to do the same.
Peace on Earth
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