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Lightbulb Being alone?

We all know what the statistics say about people being alone during the Holidays. What is usually going to happen more often than not. However, if you have reached out as that person so you arent alone, and no one responds at all what do you do?
Well I have many things to do now that He has gone. I have to clean up this "trashy house" cause we all know that did it all by myself. Yeah ok. NOT!
Yet I wonder why not one of my friends who are nearby dont see the writing on the wall.
I know one is more self absorbed in the drama of her life and her daughters. Sad but true.
Another only because they are wanting someone to do their dinner since they have bare necessities. Where as I have just a bit more but not by much. Same said people told me to stay home and keep "the sickness" from their house. After I left a bag of food at their house wasnt allowed in and they sprayed lysol over around their doorstep.
So that is why I have the choices I do which is none.
Ok so be it. Not expected to be anywhere for anyone. Then dont look me up when you have time for me. Dont call to chat. Dont act like I wont forget this either. NO I am not mad per se just hurt for only their things are important but not another's Life.
So should I care you do what you do to make your life a misery yet expect others to rally around you when you cant call, text or leave a voicemail for them?
I do like the #20#26 acts of random kindness spurred by the Conn. shooting masacre. Just really sad not one of my friends that are nearby can or will do anything towards it.

Ok now done venting per se but I wanted to remind all of us to step out of our safety zone. To help another for you may never get the chance again.

So are you doing to do the #20#26 Acts of Random Kindness?
May you walk in the shadow of the Great Spirit~To help others is a special gift we can either give or take~The more you give the more you receive~
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