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{{{{{Les}}}}} Thanks, but I never could eat beans. :-( I remember quite vividly being forced to eat them anyway (in chili) at about 5 years old, throwing up, then being forced to eat more. :-/ Pretty much the same with other veggies. Small wonder I have food issues.<p>
I have lots and lots of healthy recipes. I need to drink less soda pop, drink more water, and exercise. And, I need to quit turning to food for comfort. Once again, I know your offer is sincere, and I really appreciate it, but recipes just aren't the issue for me.<p>
During the 2-1/2 years I worked out with the trainers and lost 80 lbs., I found that exercise is the key for me to lose weight. The daunting part is that it took working out at least 3 days a week for about 2 hours each session to see results. I'm fairly sure that's due to my slow metabolism - a result of being hypothyroid. And like I said elsewhere, my doctor feels the tests show I'm on the proper dosage of synthroid, and that a higher dosage would be detrimental. My doc's a hoot and quite succinct: he says in real estate, the most important things are location, location, location. In health, it's exercise, exercise, exercise! I think the trainer thing worked for me because I started with the guys at a small, private gym with lots of one-on-one attention, and very few of those in-shape women who put on makeup to work out. I needed the moral support of a trainer saying "one more set" and "good job." Sadly, I can't seem to provide that kind of "support" for myself, or haven't figured out how to. Also, they were gorgeous, and it pleased me to please them. It pleased me to *look* at them. Now, they're back at a small gym (trainers gym-hop a lot) but it's a long drive from home, and I can't really afford the drive, let alone the gym fees.<p>
Well, I've been raving and raging, crying and throwing things (even breaking things) for the last 2 or 3 hours. This topic really hit a nerve that needed to be hit. If I remain complacent and maintain the status quo, I *will* die young. So, even though it's probably been painful for you, too, I truly appreciate the genuine listening, the support, the suggestions, the offers, and most of all, your patience with me.<p>
And hey, I *did* lose 20 pounds in the last year! Even if I'm still technically "grossly obese," and I am, at least it's a step and a trend in the right direction!
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