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Not a question...a prediction instead.

I read some of the inauguration speech. I think a bit of a missed opportunity. This year is the 150th anniversary of the end to slavery and now we have re-elected a black president. I guess I wanted to hear a speech that would remind people of this anniversary and also how we as a people continue to have free and peaceful elections. The speech just seemed a little too partisan to me.
But maybe the president was speaking most to his base. Maybe he was giving the ďbig governmentĒ base a big hurrah party and thatís not so bad really. I think the president probably knows that reality is going to set in shortly, the reality that there isnít enough money in the treasury anymore. And changes will be necessary and these changes his base wonít like.
I donít think it will be the Republican Party that will really cause the necessary and inevitable changes to the budget. Reality will. So hereís a prediction. I think it will be Democrats themselves (particularly those up for re-election in the mid-term) that will propose delaying the implementation of Obamacare. Sign-up for millions is scheduled for this October and the higher taxes start in 2014. I donít think the states are ready and the money may not be there if the economy doesnít improve significantly. Weíll see if Iím right.
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