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This poem is intended to be silly. Please read with a froliky heart!!

Fishy Fishy, please don't pout
You know you are my favorite trout.
You splash on by with a wave of the fin
Out of the water then diving back in.

Swimming upstream then cruising back down
I watch and wait with my upturned frown
Take the wooleybugger, I cheer in my mind
I know your fishy-tricks, your sneaky kind.

My line, becomes tangled and causes great fret
I bend over to grab you (I forgot my damn net)
The fly is now crimped with the weight of your fight
My rod bending sharply--what a beautiful site!!!

Oh damn, how I wanted to lift you up high
Instead I produce a theatrical sigh
You win little fishy, you've had your say
But I will be back for another great day!!!
Being kind is more important than being right...
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