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Let's see now ... I was very depressed and not getting better and harassed daily on things. I made a promise not to talk to my mom about things at the time. He was scared that I would take the kids and never look back. Then seeing how bad I was getting he told me to call my mom. I wound up living here. I was still being harassed, I needed time and space that he would not give me. I was also talking to a online friend at the time who was supportive just offering advice. In fact I had two online friends that were doing this. One just happened to be my best online buddy. We talked alot well my world was falling apart. I knew I could never trust my ex again to many times did I turn a blind eye to the things that had been done and said. When my ex asked for a divorce is finally when I acted on the feelings I was have toward my best friend. We made plains to meat with me going out to where he lived at the time. My moms whatever she wants to call him... helped me out a great deal with the kids as far as the legal aspects went. He made things go very easy in court for that. The down side was my ex and him decide that they did not wish to get along anymore. The arguing between these two over the phone and such has not made things easy. I have been threw a lot of changes. I will get to the rest some other time. Sometimes it takes a bit for my mind to wrap around it all and adjust to everything. Will bring more up to date next time I am still not there yet but getting closer. Sorry has taken so long to tell all is just some things in here that I would put down my ex would use against me even if they were just innocent words. I am still trying to get used to the great guy in my life who doesn't use my feelings and words against me.
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