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Hi Mehappy
I agree with robotkitty, they are fantasies or lustfull thoughts. Nothing to worry about, unless you know the woman/women.
I had these kind of feelings towards my very attractive lady doctor.
When i used to visit her I would take a lot of time to look my most attractive, even with wearing very lacey panties and bra, stockings etc. I used to love stripping down for her for my check ups. She also used to respond whilst wearing those surgical gloves which if i admit it used to get me going. As you can imagine this couldn't go on as I love my fella and the only solution was to change my doctor. But it got me to thinking that if i was not in a relationship i would of been very tempted to be with her.
So i must have lesbian/bi-sexual feelings which is fairly normal and healthy for us women of the 21st century no?
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