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No offense to anyone here please, I just can't help my lack of tact. I really appreciate all the ladies here. So give me hell back if you are mind to....

But I think the Republican Party "caved" on the government shut-down only because they finally realized President Obama would purposely cause a default. My reasoning is that the president has inflamed race relations, flaunted the law by not fully enacting Obamacare, made the shut-down as painful as possible and threatened social security checks even though taxes are enough to fully fund SSI and interest on the debt.

But the president has the power to direct spending and I fully believe he would have neglected the interest and caused catastrophic harm to the US and global financial markets. The first president in history to do so.

This is a terrible thing to believe and say. But I think I'm right. One cannot negotiate with a terrorist, that is, unless one will allow equal devastation.
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