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Wait awhile! Things change. Life happens even when we slow down to take a deep breathe. Life is still moving. Are you doing anything to improve, to feel better about you? We have joined a gym. While the weight is slowly coming down, the shape is being redefined. Muscles weigh more than fat. Muscles work better than fat. This was not a New Year's Resolution. This to me was a life changing for the better decision. Who knew that by going to the gym 3x a week, you'd have more energy. More get up & go. Where as before my get up & go, slowed down to get up.. ok sit down again.
Amazing that that change was not expected. We wear a "fit bit" on the wrist. It gives the amount of steps you take.. that includes when using the equipment at the gym. The "fit-bit" was a birthday gift from our son. It's encouraging because it keeps tabs. When you think nothing is happening .. then you look at "fit bit" on the dashboard & WOW! Just got an award for waling 50miles. Really you just don't realize that you've done that. It's a great feeling. (10 min up ).
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