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Nicely said Irish! Since being in the hospital the first of the year I can say that I lost my get up and go. My sit back stay warm and nap however is working just fine! You may laugh but I have had whole days pass me by and not notice that that is just what I have done. I know this is not good for me or my heart but still that has how it is right now. People I live with tell me it's normal but for some reason that doesn't seem right. Not when my heart doctor tells me everything looks good and what I need to do to keep it that way. So, I get up every day and vow to do more and some days I actually do and other days I make it from bed to the livingroom and back and very little else. I'm tired all the time and my meds make it worse. I don't want to make it seem like I'm complaining but I am worried and just can'r find it in me to talk to the ones I live with. Not sure if it's been 10 minutes or not but I do know it feels better to have this written down.
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