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So anyway, what the heck is happening? Wish I had the answers. Don't. Hope it picks up soon. Hmmm!
Incredible I'm watching Ellen whom I think is an amazing woman. She has such a dynamic personality, & a wonderful giving nature.
Yes, a completely change of conversation. The other one I had no more to add to it at this point.
Hope everyone is well. That the reason they are not in here is because real life has taking over. We have been going to the gym appox 3x a week. Haven't had a big weight loss, but the inches are coming off. That in itself is a major step in the right direction. Can we say YEAH! We can we can & we did. It's exciting, have more energy, more good vibes, & most importantly feel a lot healthier. It was the right time to step up to the plate, and begin a new journey.
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