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I am so grateful to have found this cyberspace!!! I have found, in this WOW community an incredible bunch of women and kindred spirits. What I find most amazing of all is the things I reveal about myself, in chat, and on the boards that even some of the people who know me in 3D life don't know about me.

Why is that do you suppose? I think it's because in the presence of those who have proven trustworthy and caring,I feel less guarded. In my 3D life, I find that an awful lot of time is spent on the superficial stuff. But, here, how quickly one is able to shed that and get to the real stuff...the who am I really stuff.

I am so thankful to have found a community of women, who's sole purpose is to support each other, to encourage each other, to educate each other, to inspire each other, to entertain each other. Maybe that's what it is...this wonderful WOW community is founded by a woman, for women, about women. Where,in 3D life, does such a place exist?

I am still blown away with the amount of absolute warmth and acceptance I have been welcomed into this community. It is truly amazing. And because of that, it does my heart good.

Sadly, I think all women suffer some measure of low self-esteem issues in a world dominated by men. No wonder this place, this cyberspace is so empowering. I am woman hear me roar.

I love this community and am sooo grateful I found it. To the people who give strange looks, I will give you one opportunity to check it out and see for yourself. I did that with my sis and brother in law, who actually were very negative when I told them about it. Then, I had Easter here and showed them my beloved WomensSpace and I think they came away with a better understanding. And if they didn't, tough!! This is part of my life now, something I treasure and if you don't like it, fine. But I do ask that you accept my choices.

As yet, I have not met any roomies but I have talked to two on the phone. Some day, I will meet some roomies. Until then, on line,on the phone, emails and boards are just fine.

((((( roomies )))))))

/me pushing back podium for the next person.
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