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Ok then. My oldest g'son is back from his mission.. He will be 21 in April. Oldest g'daughter will be graduating HS this year. The one I went to meet in Okinawa is 15, the youngest g'daughter will be 13 in June. .. My little g'sons (twins) are 19 months old. They will be 2 in July. Amazing. .. We recently had the whole family here for a few weeks. Oldest cousin meeting youngest ones for the first time. He was in Tahiti & BoraBora for the past two years. It was wonderful having everyone here. Such a fun time. They all went to Disney for a few days, We went the Sunday before they left & we had Breakfast at Chef Mickey's Lots of fun. Wishing you all loads of happiness in your lives. Wishing you good health.
Does the Happy Dance for crazy momma, and all. Stay warm, stay healthy... (((((((( hugs )))))))
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