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We got a lot of the heavy rain. We were lucky some places got an incredible amount of wind damage with the rain. So once again we feel very blessed. I think by the time this gets to PA is will be downgraded again to a tropical storm. Stay safe. Enjoy the g'kids. They grow way to fast... (((((((( crazy momma ))))))) Glad to see you back ((((((( etherea ))))) stay safe.. stay dry. We usually have my oldest daughter & her family over for dinner every Sunday.. that includes 4 of our g'kids.. Although the oldest is now in college ( about an hour away ) but he lives in a house with friends out there, so I don't expect to see him as much. .... He was away on a Mission for 2 yrs, got home in Jan.. so he is used to being on his own.. Our two youngest are our son's twins they are 2yrs old and live in a different state.. We FaceTime some times not as often as I'd like.. That's ok too. Everyone has their own lives to live. It what we taught independence . so no complaining from me. lol
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