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two men are walking their dogs. they want to get a drink at a bar, but they don't want to leave their dogs outside. one guy says to the other "let me go in first, then do what i do."

he walks into the bar, and the bartender immediately says: "hey, no dogs in here!"
"i understand sir, but i am blind,and this is my seeing eye dog."

the bartender apologizes and says "oh go ahead, there is a table in the back."

so the second guy walks in with his dog. the bartender again says "excuse me, we don't allow dogs in here."
"yes i know, except that i am blind and this is my seeing eye dog."

the bartender looks at him and says, incredulously
"a chihuahua?"

"ohmygod! they SOLD ME A CHIHUAHUA!?!"
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