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Yes, you'd think five pages of unread posts would get me in here more often. I'm going to franchise the Toy Shoppe. Why should I have all the fun?

(((((Moonbeam))))))) I am wishing that bottle had been in front of my face. I look like a big, fat drunk. /me looks in mirror... "Hmmmmmm..."

((((((roo))))))) She has her own phone card. I don't ask any questions.

(((((((mysterre))))))) My moving to England has gotten me out of the scooter craze. The traffic here is outta control and I'd be road kill within a few hours. I'm sure it's a gas, but I'll walk where I need to go! (((((((Dang Sue)))))))

((((((((Merms)))))))) I just got the itinerary for the day, and it involves a birthday card, a greenhouse, a shower, and hopefully a meal. Ain't life grand??? Love you, darlinj'.

<FONT SIZE=+3>(*(*(*(*(*CryBabe*)*)*)*)*)</FONT> Having the little 'puter makes me realize why this one never seemed right. a) you read everything I type, and b) all the " @ # ' ~ $ ? stuff is in the wrong place.
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