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((((((Lou))))))) My computer in America had a data base of jokes, sent to me by a friend who ran a giant joke e-mail lest. She only dealt in high-quality stuff! She's out of business now, and I have a different computer, so things are harder to find. I am getting in better shape.

((((((((Joke Sharers))))))) LOL Thanks!


<FONT SIZE=+3>(*(*(*(*(QW)*)*)*)*)*</FONT> What should I call the new jokes folder? How about "jokes?" <G> Love you, babe. Wasn't breakfast nice????


A teacher was explaining to Nancy why a whale could not have possibly swallowed Jonah.

"A whale is the largest animal alive," she said. "But a whale's throat is small. A whale cannot swallow a man."

"But the Bible said a whale swallowed Jonah," Nancy replied.

"It just isn't possible," said the teacher.

"When I get to Heaven, I will ask Jonah myself," said the little girl.

"And what if Jonah is in Hell?" asked the teacher with a wry smile.

"Then you can ask him," Nancy said.
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