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Smile Grilled Grouper with roasted corn (for 2)


2 Large (~1 inch thick) Grouper Fillets
Fresh dill
extra virgin olive oil.

Heat grill on high
brush each side of grouper with olive oil, sprinkle paprika on both sides.

Grill Grouper Fillets on hot grill (prefer grilling basket for fish/etc)10 minutes for each inch of thickness.

Sprinkle fresh dill on fillets approx 2 minutes before finished grilling.


2 ears fresh corn
cracked pepper
extra virgin olive oil

shuck and clean corn. Cut corn off of cob (do not rinse).
place in heat resistant bowl. Add 1 tsp olive oil and toss to mix. Add few hard shakes of coarse or cracked pepper and toss again, to mix. Heat griddle on high (heheh, I just got a new grill that has this feature )
Pour corn onto hot seasoned griddle (the sound is fantastic)
Cook for (heck I don't know---just cook until the little fellas start to get brown--DONT over cook).

This is a fast meal (takes < 45 min from prep to serve)
We like fresh steamed broccoli with this meal.
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