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Kayaking? I rappell in N. Ala at a place called Little River Canyon, and there are lots of people using the river for kayaking. I've never had the nerve.
Did hear of the Buffalo river in Arkansas. Supposed to be the best for that. But the Ochoe (sp) in N. Georgia ? is the one that the olympics used. It is a sluce through a pass and has the advantage that they can controll the water. The river bed at low tide is awesome.

I lived in La./N.O. for 20 years. Survival rules are
1. Don't use turn signals as it warns them which way you are going and they will be able to aim at you.
2. Don't try to merge as they will cut you off, just stop and wait for an open spot.
3. Don't get mad at the lady in the left lane doing 30, just use the right lane or shoulder like everyone else.
4. Stopping in both directions to chat to the other guy is considered 'friendly'.
5. You can park anywhere except at Mardi Grass, when the police make their quota for towing for the year.

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