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I read your post.. boy oh boy are you mad at yourself. I was very mad at myself also and decided that doing something about it no matter how small is better than nothing.

And WTG!!! on the 20 pounds. I also have poundage to lose... And I am obese.. according to the charts and to myself.
But looks are not my goal at the minute.. mine is making my body stronger.

It is the pits... when I can't even clean my whole house. But each day I am getting stronger in body and in mind. In 2 years I want to be at 145 and totally toned. I don't want to be weak anymore.
I also will have to leave my house... to go to the dentist during this period and have my teeth refixed.
At the moment I can't get to the end of my sidewalk without total panic. But as in all things I will have to work on this too.
We all... even those skinny models... have problems. I really wanted to Hug you! And say, you do what you can. I saw your website, you are a very pretty woman! Don't give up and you are not alone.

One more thing... I have a Richard Simmons kit. I dust it off once in awhile. Guess I will donate it to someone that would like it. It just wasn't for me. And I do have a piece of equipment to glide on.... in the living room in place of the love seat. Its crowded but I don't care. I need my health back.
"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same."
- Anne Frank
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