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I'm debating between buying a piece of equipment (I think I would lean towards a rowing machine) or joining a gym. The chiropractor says I'm (physically) strong enough now... but the thought of the gym just freaks me out. Maybe I will start with a stand-alone exercise class... I think there's a Jazzercise class not too far from my house most nights.

I remember *loving* doing weight training (I did aerobics only because I knew I "had" to), but I have to figure out why it freaks me now.. so I can feel safe when I go back to it. I <b>will</b> go back to it...!

For now, walking and the occasional swim. Physical therapy exercises from the chiro, and stretching. Trying to eat sensibly (not so much *what* as *how MUCH*!). It's not so bad when I can stick to a routine that includes these things, but anything that interferes with the routine really throws me off. Two weeks in a row of travelling, and I'm back to square one :::sigh::: Glad I'm not going anywhere till August now.
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