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(((((((Moonbeam))))))) I just got a cute e-mail off'n you. We had a fine time at the movies. QW is doing some office cleaning now, and my job is to entertain her. This translates to sitting at one of the 'puters and mmuttering about funny things online. LOL

She got me a pillow to sit on while I'm on the 'puter. I thought it was for THE CAT.

(((((((Merms)))))))) I am so glad you are doing better. You worry us, sometimes, girl.

(((((((Serene))))))))) Yeah, I could've guessed you'd think that. LOLOL


<FONT SIZE=+2>*(*(*(*(QW)*)*)*)*</FONT> Some of your work is pretty funny... you gotta admit. Thanks for letting me watch the American crime story tonight. I know you wanted to watch the other one. You're sweet.


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