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Listening to Sara Mclaughlin now.
When working I prefer a strong groove/beat/rythm.
I do like the song out by (?sp) Uncle Kracker right now (although it IS overplayed by this point, and it is about an adulterous relationship) Fun to sing along with --only px... I can only sing to it in the morning when my vocal cords are still relaxed LOL!
Like ABBA when on the treadmill, especially like the sound track from Pricilla Queen of the Desert when working out (yeah, like I work out sooooo much)
When I am outside sipping some wine in the evening, I like Tracy Chapman, Simply Red, 10,000 Maniacs, Enya, Moody Blues, John Tesh (yes I know I am a geek but his piano CD's are really good)
Being kind is more important than being right...
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