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My Poem
My mother recently passed away on May 17, 2001. I go to the chat room Wow-womensSpace all the time and the roomies have been a blessing in disguise; anyway, I wrote this poem about my Mother, when I was driving home from the hospital after saying goodbye ( you see my Mom was taken off Life support as she wished); so I wish to share it with all of the people, who are like me, that we need to express what and how we are
------ -------- ------- --------
Today I Lost my Mother
Did today really happen or was I dreaming?
I know in my heart her shell is gone but where is her spirit?
I can see my mom's twinkle in my big sister's eye
I can feel my mom's touch in my twin brother's hug
I can sense her vitality thru my little sister
I can sense her strength of will by my one adopted (unofficial) sister
I can hear her voice of wisdom thru my biggest sister
I can feel her compassion from my baby brother
I can see her love from my dad
but I know it when I look into the faces of those lives she has touched and loved.
By Tala
May 17,2001 Dedicated to my Family
May the Great Spirit guide your Heart to lead your path

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