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Did you ever try to get her to be vegetarian? She can get plenty of protein by eating tofu, and you could get some tasty bean recipes that she would like. There are also healthy meat substitutes out there, such as seitan, also known as wheat gluten. These don't have the large levels of saturated fat and cholesteral like meat does, so she won't have to worry about major problems down the road. Vegetarians have the lowest rate of heart disease out there. And soymilk or ricemilk is a good milk substitute.
Also, people don't need as much protein as the meat lobby would like you to think. In fact, too much protein is the main problem. It causes an acidic condition in the blood which leaches minerals out of your body, such as calcium from the bones. This is why there is a large instance of kidney stones in big meat-eaters; it is almost nonexistant in a completely vegetarian individual. You don't have to worry about protein deficiency; the disease of protein deficiency is virtually only known in third-world countries. Eating too much protein causes the well-known diseases: osteoporosis, obesity, liver disease, and kidney failure.
You may next wonder about calcium deficiency. This is not a problem either. In fact, you can't absorb the calcuim in dairy, as the high levels of protein prohibit the calcium from being absorbed. Calcium is abundant in dark leafy greens, broccoli, almonds, chick peas, soybeans, figs, carob, and sea vegetables.
Iron can be found in leafy greens, dried fruits, broccoli, wheat, peas, beans, and dulse (a sea vegetable).
Please seriously consider a vegan diet. I have been vegan for 8 years (actually I am macrobiotic, but don't eat fish), and I have not been to the doctor for any sickness. Anything I come down with, I cure myself very easily with food.
E-mail me with any questions you may have; I would be very happy to help. My address is
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