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{{{{{Friends}}}}} I find I eat as healthy as possible until my "monthly migraine" hits, and then I just eat foods that won't aggrevate my stomach. I haven't started exercising yet, but I ordered an FM radio/watch with little bud headphones from the Avon lady to inspire me to walk. A new toy will usually help motivate me, at least for a while. I don't enjoy carrying or hooking up a walkman when walking, because I feel physically unbalanced, so I'm hoping something unobtrusive and lightweight like a watch will work better. I've tried walking without music, but find I don't enjoy it enough to keep it up. At least I feel I'm gearing up to exercise by ordering that watch radio.<p>
I don't know if I've lost or gained - it's pretty pointless to weigh myself this week, because I'm probably bloated and would just discourage myself by weighing in today. I weigh myself roughly weekly, and have a great set of doctor's scales that zero out, then I slide the weights back and forth until it balances like at the doctor's office. I know it's accurate, so I don't have the angst about accuracy that I did with the normal at-home style scales. <p>
I find this folder motivational, and I admire everyone's efforts! Hopefully I'll have something to crow about again soon.
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