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I simply MUST change my reading habits - it's the only thing I can blame these <b>bizarre</b> dreams on! (Well, the fact that Heath Ledger was in one last night is probably Tamara's fault...) A couple of nights ago, I was in the woods running away from some people who wanted to make me a human sacrifice. The night after, cloak and dagger stuff.

Last night, I was taking part in a magical ritual, pretty benign. There was a part where I was expecting somebody to draw blood from my finger, and I was bracing for it, but it turned out I had stuck the other person's (Heath Ledger, who was in charge and I think was the character from a book series I've been reading. Arrrgh!) finger instead. Only later.. my finger was bleeding. Sigh, I hate dream logic! Something went wrong with the magic and we were all black (like, charcoal black) and changed a bit - not quite human looking.

We were trying to get away from a whole squad of police, driving what turned out to be an ambulance. I had to convince the guy driving (Heath, I think, though none of us looked like much by then...) that he couldn't take random turns because we were near the ocean and he was going to get us to a dead end.

We ended up in the mountains instead. Only not the mountains here, more like scrubby Southern California semi-desert mountains. We were animals by then (maybe blame that on The Emperor's New Groove) but we managed to kill everybody chasing us, by pushing them off cliffs, landslides, etc.

Then we found an old trailer, which in the dream I was convinced was left over from a movie shoot. Inside it was NOT old, set up like a sleeping car on a train, with separate compartments each having its own bathroom. We were trying to figure out how to live there without anybody knowing. Checking out one of the bathrooms, I opened a medicine cabinet and it was jammed full. Like the hanging hooks at the store, you know. Half the stuff was makeup and hair accessories, half was illegal drugs. We knew we had to get rid of them (down the toilet), but one of my companions was telling me to do it myself because they didn't trust the third person.

I want some simple, lighthearted dreams, if anybody knows how to arrange that!
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