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Love your new folder! Cooking Chat was fun Monday night, too - sorry I had to bail early. My phone call that night was Nadine (our former village idiot), and she was all wound up, as usual. She complimented me for being such a good friend, which left me stammering, because she's one of the few people I have trouble being nice to because of her temperament. Go figure!<p>
I've *definitely* been pulling for Rodger on Survivor 2. He seems the most woods-wise and is a kind man, and I'll bet he was the only one in Kucha tribe who *really* knew how to field-dress that pig. (I thought it was wise that they put in the warning before they showed the pig footage - then people who were sickened by it could choose not to watch.) I thought the initial reactions of some tribe members were rather juvenile - "Ewww, it looks like a murder scenc!" etc. Meat-eaters should be well aware that an animal dies every time they have pork, beef, chicken, etc. - and I eat meat. Guess dealing with that kind of thing on the farm makes me more accepting. I, too, am tired of Kimmy and Jerry, and I LOVE to watch Colby - what a cutie! I was particularly impressed by how nice he was to Maralyn during that roped-together obstacle course - he helped her, encouraged her, consoled her, and carried her. As cute as Nick is, I think he'll be kicked off soon - cute doesn't make up for his being pretty non-productive.<p>
I guess I like the show for the interplay, and the changes in what traits/skills are valuable at different points in the game. Oh well, being too wordy again, so I'll shut up!
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