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{{{{{Les}}}} Now that's just an odd coincidence. Cool, though.

Aside from general work chaos, which I think everyone has, I'm doing quite well. I'm taking a break from the writing for a bit- not feeling deeply inspired at present, but I'm doing lots of tech writing at work, so I'm probably just written out when I get home. Rick and I just got a place together and we've gotten domestic as anything, to the great amusement of our friends, who laughed when I bought a bread machine and waffle iron instead of Depeche Mode tickets. That's okay. I just won't make them any waffles. <g>

When did the new boards happen? I guess I have been out of the loop for a while.

What are you listening to these days? I thought of you the other day when I went to see Glen Phillips- I suspect you might like his solo stuff if you haven't yet heard it. I actually got to meet him but I was so spastic about it that it's just a tale of shame. My friend and I were dishing about how cute he was on the ticket line and I happened to look up- and the guy walking by me is Glen. I suspect he heard the entire goofy conversation because he had a very amused look on his face, but he was very nice anyway.

Happy weekend!

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