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{{{{{Les}}}}} YAY! It's Friday! Hope that the weekend gives you a chance to relax and/or get caught up - whatever will do you the most good. I'm practically counting the hours until the Wildlife Waystation trip! I don't get out to do that kind of thing often enough these days, so I'm doubly looking forward to this outing. The three of us are all bringing cameras, so we should have pictures galore. I imagine I'll spend enough at the gift shop to make up for getting us all in "free." I'm quite tempted to spend my W. tax rebate on another year of "Contributing" level membership for the Waystation, though the practical part of me may insist I put it all on credit card payments. I think it would be fun to do a charitable thing with the money. It would eventually go back into the economy - 1200 animals require a LOT of food.<p>
{{{{{Myst}}}}} I did finally get caught up on sleep. Whew! It feels so much nicer to be well-rested. Thanks for asking!<p>
{{{{{Punky}}}}} It's so cool to see you back amongst us!<p>
Hope all my {{{{{FolderFriends}}}}} have a great weekend!
Peace on Earth
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