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(((LF))) It wasn't until I came to your folder just now that I noticed my typo when I posted yesterday...oh well, easy to figure out what I was saying.

I bought a "retro style bowling shirt" the other day, just a plain blue one. I took it to the printing company that's doing my tshirts, they're silk screening my design on the back of it...and they're embroidering "Scooter Girl" on the front for me. I can't wait! <g>

I dropped off my second design on Tuesday, and they had my artwork ready for proofing today. I'm telling you, it's very cool to see your idea come to life, but it's even cooler when you drew it yourself! YAY! This design is more for kids, (although I think it will appeal to adults like Disney does) I actually wrote a story first, and the tshirts go with the story. Sue's after me to fix a few things in the story so that I can submit it to a publisher. The girl that helped me with my first tshirt design will illustrate for me.

Sorry for the exceptionally long post! <g>

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